Gareth Robertshaw

After leaving a career in education, former primary school headmaster Gareth Robertshaw swapped his whiteboard and the classroom for a comb, a pair of scissors and a sparkling new profession as a hairdresser.

The 37 years old enjoyed his 15 year teaching career and progressed to a headship relatively quickly. However, after re-evaluating his life he decided to follow his long time passion for creative hair styling and make this the new career choice for him.

Gareth, who now lives in the South West, decided to seek out the best training he could receive and became a pupil of the Nicky Oliver Hair Academy in Oldham Street, Manchester.

“Since childhood I had been fascinated by hairdressing. I used to do my mum’s and sister’s hair and really enjoyed the creativity of it. I have always loved styling hair. Nevertheless when I did well at school and passed my ‘A’ levels, I went through university and straight into teaching.”

“When I took the decision to go through formal hairdressing training I researched the courses available very carefully,” added Gareth. “And I have no doubt that I am at the best hairdressing school there is. Nicky Oliver has a brilliant reputation and his edgy city salon has a really good vibe.

“I love the fact that we receive our training in the same building as Nicky’s salon.  It means we are able to observe his highly artistic and talented team and then learn how to create cuts, styles and colouring techniques that are bang on trend. But the biggest plus for me is that my tutor Alison Flood has created a nurturing environment within the academy. She utilises her outstanding teaching skills to facilitate the individual needs of every pupil so that they master the essential skills at their own rate.”

Alison said: “Gareth is a brilliant student. He works very hard and has a natural talent for hairdressing and will do really well in the industry.”

Celebrity hairdresser Nicky Oliver added: “I’m pleased to hear that Gareth is following his heart. He is obviously a very talented individual and will become a highly creative hair stylist.”