Thomas Eaves

DANCER Thomas Eaves has put his dreams of a glittering ballet dancing career behind him and embarked on a bid to make his mark in the world of hairdressing.

And after signing-up for a professional hairdressing training course with Manchester-based celebrity stylist Nicky Oliver, the 18 years old from Gee Cross in Tameside has stunned his teachers by completing each and every part of the course in record time.

“He’s amazing,” said Alison Flood, a trainer at the Nicky Oliver Academy in Oldham Street, where scores of students receive professional training in the skills of hairdressing every year. “He has a natural talent and picks up skills super-fast.”

Incredibly, Thomas began ballet dancing when he was just 8 years old and underwent training at various establishments.

“My mum was a trained ballet dancer but at five feet nine was too tall to really make a career of it,” explained Thomas. “So she put me into ballet lessons when I was very young and I really enjoyed it. But much later I realized it was not the career for me.”

Thomas’ mum went on to build a successful career in hairdressing management and her accounts of life in the industry let Thomas to start to wonder whether hairdressing was a potential career for him.

“Actually my mum is now a qualified barber in her own right having completing a training course, so you could say hairdressing is in the family,” said Thomas who chose the Nicky Oliver Academy because of its first class reputation.

“The quality of the training here is superb. The staff really work hard at passing on their skills,” added Thomas who is now so far ahead in his studies that he has actually been snapped up for his first hairdressing job.

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